Don't let Halloween creep up and leave you in the dark! Each set includes 3 spooky pairs of adjustable eyes on a 6' UL listed light string. Hang them in trees, bushes, in and around your windows! Anywhere you're looking for that special "eerie" effect.

Peepers are:

  • Easy to use with our exclusive 360 degree swivel hook that enables the peepers to be focused in any direction.
  • Each set is 6' long, and up to three sets can be connected together.
  • UL listed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Great as party lights or any other place you can scare up!

Peep n' Peepers will make any halloween landscape come alive with a visual treat for those trick-or-treaters! Let these "spooky lights" light up your "spooky nights"!

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To order replacement bulbs for Peepers or Batlights, Click here!